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Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman, a.k.a. Barrister Sumon, was born in the Bangladeshi region of Habiganj on September 3, 1978. His mother, Ambia Begum Chowdhury, was a housewife, and his father, Syed Ershad Ali, was a businessman when he was born. Sumon showed an early interest in social concerns and a strong desire for fairness.

Sumon started his educational adventure at DCP High School, where he excelled academically and was very dedicated to his coursework.

His early schooling set him up for success in all that he did. After finishing high school, Sumon enrolled in the University of Dhaka, one of Bangladesh’s most distinguished institutions.

Here, he sought a law degree, motivated by his ambition to comprehend the judicial system and put it to work for the betterment of society.

Sumon traveled to the UK to attend the University of London to broaden his horizons academically and intellectually.

When returning to Bangladesh to help his community, he would use the advanced legal knowledge and abilities he gained from this international experience, expanding his horizons.

Details About Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman

Original nameBarrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman
Famous nameBarrister Sumon
Date of birthSep 3, 1978
BirthplaceBangladeshi region of Habiganj
Age now45 Years(2024)
EmploymentProsecutor, Lawmaker, and Social Libertarian
Notable forSocial Work, FB Live
EducationUniversity of Dhaka
Net worth50k-1M$ (per month)
Father’s nameSyed Ershad Ali
Mother’s nameAmbia Begum Chowdhury
SiblingsFound no relevant data
Marital statusMarried
PartnerShammi Akhtar
Contact NumberFound no relevant data

The Legal Profession and Its Proponents

Barrister Sumon went back to Bangladesh and started practicing law after finishing school. His reputation as an accomplished and hardworking lawyer swiftly spread.

He was appointed prosecutor in Bangladesh’s International Crimes Tribunal (ICT) due to his extensive knowledge and dedication to upholding justice.

Responding to atrocities perpetrated during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971, the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY) was set up. Sumon’s function as a prosecutor was important in seeking redress for the victims and holding the offenders accountable.

Working at the ICT gave Sumon invaluable experience in resolving high-stakes legal matters.

Preparing legal papers, conducting in-depth research, and arguing matters in court were all part of his job description. He proved his competence and commitment to justice by helping bring multiple high-profile convictions to justice.

The Shift to Social Action

Despite the success of his legal practice, Barrister Sumon couldn’t help but notice the growing number of social problems impacting his neighborhood.

He saw that judicial actions needed to be revised to solve many problems’ underlying causes. After learning this, he felt he could make a more significant difference through social activity.

Sumon began to bring attention to various social concerns through social media, specifically Facebook Live. Among the many subjects he addressed in his live broadcasts were issues with infrastructure, environmental protection, and road safety.

His honest and direct approach to community issues attracted millions of viewers to these broadcasts, and they became increasingly popular.

One of his most prominent endeavors was the campaign Sumon organized to fix the dangerously placed electrical lines. The appropriate authorities corrected these shortcomings due to his dogged persistence and public pressure.

This triumph highlighted the efficacy of social media in bringing about positive social change and enhanced public safety.

Sumon has built more than 25 bridges in rural parts of Bangladesh with his own money and advocacy efforts. The surrounding communities’ quality of life and economic possibilities have been considerably enhanced by these bridges’ improved connectivity and access.

Barrister Sumon Image

Sayedul Haque Sumon Born

The legal scholar Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman, also known as Barrister Sumon, came into this world on September 3, 1978, in the Habiganj district of Bangladesh. When he was born, his father, Syed Ershad Ali, was a businessman, and his mother, Ambia Begum Chowdhury, was a homemaker.


His early schooling set him up for success in all that he did. After finishing high school, Sumon enrolled in the University of Dhaka, one of Bangladesh’s most distinguished institutions.

Barrister Sumons photo
Barrister Sumon And Her Mom Pioc

Barrister Sumon And Her Mom

His mother, Ambia Begum Chowdhury, was a housewife, and his father, Syed Ershad Ali, was a businessman when he was born.

Spending Time With His Loved Ones

He is a family man who enjoys spending time with his wife and two sons. Accompany them on separate trips.

Sumon Spending Time With His Loved Ones
Barrister Sayedul Haque Sumon & Jannatul Ferdous Peya


Suman is well-known for his live Facebook broadcasts on road and electrical line safety, as well as his legal profession.

Bangladesh’s public infrastructure has undergone substantial modifications and enhancements due to his initiatives.

His wide following across the nation is proof positive that he still inspires and influences a lot of people as a writer and public speaker.

A Career in Politics

Political life was a natural progression for Barrister Sumon, given his involvement and law knowledge. He represented the Habiganj-4 constituency in the Jatiya Sangsad (National Parliament) after being elected in January 2024.

Sumon, who was running on an independent ticket, handily defeated the Bangladesh Awami League sitting member. The public’s confidence in him and his capacity to effect positive change was evident in his triumph.

Sumon keeps fighting for the causes he believes in as a member of parliament. His main priorities are improving infrastructure, encouraging accountability and openness, and tackling social inequities.

He takes a practical approach to his legislative efforts, seeking to provide his constituents with real benefits.

Private Life

Barrister Sumon’s wife, Shammi Akhtar, sometimes called Mrs. Syeda, is a lawyer. Details regarding the couple’s private lives, such as their children, are seldom discussed.

Sumon is a lawyer, activist, and politician who works hard to combine his professional and personal life. He loves spending time with his family and is dedicated to his work.

Sumon’s favorite pastimes are writing, traveling, and giving speeches. These pursuits not only let him relax and unwind but also supplement his career by expanding his network and providing a platform to share his insights and stories.

The Effects and Duration

Barrister Sumon has affected Bangladeshi society in many ways. As an attorney, he has helped establish essential law rules and brought those responsible for horrific atrocities to justice.

Public safety and infrastructure development have both been significantly improved as a result of his civic activism. He has maintained the trust and support of his constituents in politics by remaining pragmatic and issue-focused.

Sumon has revolutionized activism in Bangladesh by bringing attention to and solving social concerns through social media.

His fresh perspective shows how to use technology to rally people and make government officials answer for their actions. Many young Bangladeshis look up to him as an example of someone who achieved great things and who wants to make a positive impact in their hometown.

Funding the building of bridges is just one example of how Sumon’s contributions demonstrate his dedication to helping the downtrodden. His deeds illustrate the power of one person’s dedication to social justice combined with their professional knowledge.

Final Thoughts

The incredible life story of Barrister Syed Sayedul Haque Suman is one of perseverance, impact, and determination. He rose from humble beginnings in a Sylhet hamlet to become a famous lawyer, social activist, and politician.

He has become a well-known figure in Bangladesh thanks to his diverse profession and creative social media strategies. Sumon has always shown a dedication to social justice, public service, and constructive change throughout his political career, social activity, and law practice.

His life and work demonstrate the importance of taking personal responsibility to solve social problems and positively impact people’s lives.

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